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I have researched this topic for 5 years and found one amazing company to earn from.I f you are interested call me at 954 957 1570
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 in response to realinneed...   Hello
Check the job ideas for work from home and all free classifieds and jobs in your field or out out it. Also see my homepage for community actions groups in your area..
Good luck
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I don't have a job, and my unemployment insurance just stopped.If an ybody can help, I need money to pay for my rent and my electricity,I am also looking for a job, I am a certified Nursing Assistant. if you can help, thank you.
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Here is another work from home source

Work-at-Home Jobs
Jobs Opportunities for Americans with Disabilities


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 in response to positive thoughts...   I can remember my sisters word processor before computers. I tried to use it writing a letter and it was easier using the typewriter. I never heard of that kind of computer. I never got into computers till 1996. I know many companies want you to email your resume or fax it in. Times have changed in regards to applying for a job especially from home. Have to have a fax machine and I don't.
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positive thoughts
 in response to Starshine...   Yes things sure came a long way Lots changed and changing fast all the time. I can still remember LoL the computer class I had in highschool. It was one huge machine. Filled out numbers on cards and put cards in machine and out came message. Just like now when I go out job hunting some don't take resumes anymore well they do but tell you have to apply online now. And some companies have to do both
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 in response to positive thoughts...   Yes it is true if you can't reach them by phone forget it. And I read long ago about stuffing envelopes and didn't fall for it. But my sister sent away ten dollars and got back instructions how to make money stuffing envelopes. She was livid. I told her wish you would have checked with me. As she got taken for 10 dollars and they were struggling. Like in no gas for the winter and it snowed where she lived. That is a bad deal stuffing envelopes. At one time there were legit jobs doing that for business now everything can be done so easy by machines if memory serves me right. So much for automation as it takes jobs away from people.
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positive thoughts
 in response to Starshine...   Yes I noticed that when checked the site out. I saw she does give good advice on jobs. Its true if you can't contact them by phone and ask questions to beware. I heard long ago about that stuffing enelopes but now reading the article you can see what that was about. I almost fell for that one years ago.
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 in response to positive thoughts...   Tory Johnson's women for hire site has changed her look a lot but it has such great information. She is on Good Morning America and other places on the net. I have seen the job fairs where she does help some find work or guide them. I contacted here long ago in an email about the jobs but for people in California, our state has rules but if I lived in Nebraska I could do one I like to try. Her articles are great.
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positive thoughts
Hi, Wow I just saw this post that you have. I checked out the women for hire she has got really good articles. I like that.
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 in response to Sunny Skies...   Go figure... that's actually my list. It'll be a while before I'm able to update but I'll try to do it as often as I can.
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 in response to justneedhelp...   


I know that TinaLynLove has work from home jobs but you need to go through the list to see what is just for USA or not. I know microworkers she has in there has some little things to do for people in Canada. I just went to put in work from home jobs and hit search there is many sites for work just becareful not to pay a lot of money for a work from home job. Look at and there is a book of to the side of my homepage of ideas about making money from home you can do there in Canada.

This is a book I rented from home years ago and has ideas for working from home but there are others just check your library

Check with and email Tory Johnson or her staff whether she knows of work from home jobs in Canada.

Contact positive thoughts here as she live in Canada about assistance they may have for you with your baby.

Check the free on line classifieds too ie

Hope that help some. I am looking to and two send me emails off the site for jobs from home.

Best of luck to you


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I'm looking for work from home jobs in canada and i'm not having any luck can anyone help me before i go crazy my bills are piling up and i have a new born i just need to be pointed in the right direction
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 in response to yvetterntwo...   

You are welcome for the resources. That is great you have a job waiting for you with the government. I would have to look at your page about you can't find housing. Have you tried

For a growing number of persons faced with losing their independence and struggling to keep housing costs within their budget, shared housing is an affordable and viable alternative.

A home sharer might be a senior citizen, a person with disabilities, a working professional, someone at-risk of homelessness, a single parent, an AIDS patient, or simply a person wishing to share his or her life and home with others. For these people, shared housing offers companionship, affordable housing, security, mutual support and much more.

Shared living has been known to enhance the health and well-being of all people and allows people to remain independent in their home. Home Sharing also preserves neighborhoods, creates an affordable housing and saves housing and healthcare dollars.

You might be able to find housing with them till you start work.
I hope you can find housing as I don't know if you have anything saved or can check with for roomates.
I would ask them about the start date if it is a concern of yours. I know when I started to work fro them long ago we had about three days of orientation then had to go to work the third day that evening. But like you said you know you have a job waiting for you.
Good luck

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Thanks for the resources. I have one job (with the government), just waiting on my paperwork and being graded by my peers which determine my base pay and start date. I was told by HR the first three days are basic orientation, which will start on a Monday. I am on pins and needles because I cannot find housing and I have no idea of my start date. I am so thankful to have employment (even though I haven't started). 

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 in response to Sunny Skies...   

Who was the nice lady?? Thank you and someone sent me a list or link via my email and I haven't a chance to check it out...I tried doing that while at computer class and one lady had it all down and had hard time finding work but times change...

Will do thank you Sunny like my cat..

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Sunny Skies

This nice lady from GA compiled a list of work at home, GOD BLESS HER!!! soem links are no longer active, but I did come across some jobs.  If you know anyone who wants to work as a transcriptionist? s.p? some of these companies are hiring to work from home.  Check out her site for other jobs:

Transcription (General)

American High Tech Transcription


eTranscription Solutions

Fantastic Transcripts

Morningside Partners

Net Transcripts


TASK Transcription

The Transcription Agency

Transcription Services


Alice Darling

All Type Services

Cambridge Transcriptions

Production Transcripts

World Wide Dictation

Cyber Dictate


CMR Transcription



Mountain West Processing



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 in response to xdarkflower27x...   

Yes, I spent two years ago $18 for life time and have used it. I find my part time work or no work through craigslist, old boss etc. I know of people who used all 4 of those 1-3, 5, 6 people I know made some money with. If you are ready to relocate to Netflix home, they hava a great package for the people who answer the phones. I have talked to them about them going virtual that is to work from home but not yet..Try the others first and see what you get before spending money. ok? Homejobstop and I looked there a few days ago are up to date.It is just if you can find something as with any job if you are qualified. And they have many job listing so it takes time to go through them in whatever field your interested in. It cost to drive to work etc and it cost some to do work from home, getting headsets if needed, having dsl etc...

Goodl luck and start out with the ones that are free to see if you find anything there


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Have you ever tried homejob spot? Im so nervous to spend money

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