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 in response to Sunny Skies...   

Who was the nice lady?? Thank you and someone sent me a list or link via my email and I haven't a chance to check it out...I tried doing that while at computer class and one lady had it all down and had hard time finding work but times change...

Will do thank you Sunny like my cat..

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Sunny Skies

This nice lady from GA compiled a list of work at home, GOD BLESS HER!!! soem links are no longer active, but I did come across some jobs.  If you know anyone who wants to work as a transcriptionist? s.p? some of these companies are hiring to work from home.  Check out her site for other jobs:

Transcription (General)

American High Tech Transcription


eTranscription Solutions

Fantastic Transcripts

Morningside Partners

Net Transcripts


TASK Transcription

The Transcription Agency

Transcription Services


Alice Darling

All Type Services

Cambridge Transcriptions

Production Transcripts

World Wide Dictation

Cyber Dictate


CMR Transcription



Mountain West Processing



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 in response to xdarkflower27x...   

Yes, I spent two years ago $18 for life time and have used it. I find my part time work or no work through craigslist, old boss etc. I know of people who used all 4 of those 1-3, 5, 6 people I know made some money with. If you are ready to relocate to Netflix home, they hava a great package for the people who answer the phones. I have talked to them about them going virtual that is to work from home but not yet..Try the others first and see what you get before spending money. ok? Homejobstop and I looked there a few days ago are up to date.It is just if you can find something as with any job if you are qualified. And they have many job listing so it takes time to go through them in whatever field your interested in. It cost to drive to work etc and it cost some to do work from home, getting headsets if needed, having dsl etc...

Goodl luck and start out with the ones that are free to see if you find anything there


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Have you ever tried homejob spot? Im so nervous to spend money

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